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About us

Be pretty, confident and always treat yourself with the best

Cannor skincare is a unique vegan, cruelty free cosmetic concept. We combine the highest quality plat ingredients (oils) with cannabis extract (CBD), harnessing the power of nature into each and every Cannor product.


We are passionate about the transformative power of natural oils – oils that are derived from plants – whether it’s a vegetable, fruit, seed or flower. We combine these with cannabis extract (CBD) for unbeatable results. Natural plant oils are packed full of nature’s super-ingredients; rich in soothing and anti-ageing nutrients, meanwhile CBD’s antiseptic and regenerative properties rejuvenate skin cells and actively helping to slow ageing. Cannor’s natural plant oils penetrate and are absorbed deep into the skin, nourishing and hydrating from the inside out. They don’t sit on the surface of your skin in the same way creams or water based products do. Because Cannor products absorb into the skin so beautifully they make for a fantastic base for makeup.


Only the finest ingredients

Cannor products are made without petro-chemicals, unnecessary preservatives, mineral oils, dyes or perfumes. We never use fillers or bulkers, and all our products are hand-made in our very own laboratory. We ensure every single product is packed full of concentrated and pure natural ingredients to make for powerful, effective formulas.  We believe that you should only use a product on your skin if you are happy for it to be absorbed and take its effects in the body. When you are careful about what you eat, it only makes sense to apply the same rigour to your skincare routine.


All Cannor products are formulated by Adel, the co-founder and skin care specialist of Cannor. Our formulations are unique and are never tested on animals.


Hemp has been used as a very effective natural remedy for thousands of years. This is testament to its positive effects when treating skin disorders and numerous other health benefits.
At Cannor we passionately believe in natural/organic skincare.
A sustainable philosophy is at the heart of every product we create, and we are committed to using natural ingredients


We believe that the future of skincare and healthcare is hidden in hemp (Cannabis Sativa). This is supported by numerous studies. Our mission is to unlock/harness all the benefits of this miraculous plant and create quality, 100% natural products to replace and improve upon traditional skincare. No side-effects, no harsh chemical additives, and no animal testing.





It took a long time, but we created unique products full of miracle natural powers that bring joy and beauty to thousands of extraordinary women. , přírodní konopná kosmetika, léčivá kosmetika s CBD,pleťový olej., , přírodní konopná kosmetika, léčivá kosmetika s CBD,pleťový olej., přírodní konopná kosmetika, olej na vlasy a vousy, konopný olej s CBD

Thanks to the conscientious work, enormous effort and high quality of our products, Cannor becomes very popular on the Europena market and beyond. This is also evidenced by the fact that our products can be found in the best stores with ORGANIC cosmetics and designer goods. Cannor has also found its place in the bathrooms of many beauty editors and experts on ORGANIC cosmetics.



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