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Our Production

Ingredients and production

To create our revolutionary skin products we combine the best natural bio-ingredients with active compounds from hemp plants. 100% natural without harsh chemicals, dyes or preservatives. Suitable for all age groups, vegetarians and vegans. CANNOR Cosmetics are characterized by extraordinary effectiveness and high regenerative abilities due to the large amount of active ingredient (CBD), vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.


Eight Advantages of CANNOR Skincare

-CANNOR is the power of nature made for your skin.


-Formulated by skin expert Adel with many years of experience and studies from pharmaceutical specialists, supervising the production of each and every product to ensure the utmost quality.


The effectiveness of CANNOR Cosmetics is based on the high content of cannabis extract – the active ingredient Cannabidiol (CBD). It can slow down cellular ageing, regenerates cells and heal skin diseases.


-In a time of quick-fix mass produced products, CANNOR differs in that each product is filled with the purest power of natural plant ingredients. For example, the secret behind our CANNOR skin Elixir is hidden in its unique composition, allowing absorption into the deepest layers of skin, working in harmony with the natural biological processes of the body.


CANNOR Cosmetics are suitable for all ages, from the most sensitive of skin types to a normal skin type. This is because all our products contain no synthetic ingredients, artificial perfumes or parabens.


We respect nature, so we use only necessary packaging and our products are never tested on animals.


-We pride ourselves in ensuring that CANNOR clients always receive products that produce unparalleled results. That’s why we provide expert advice on how to properly look after your skin for a healthy glow. Our mission doesn’t end with a purchase, we are dedicated to customer satisfaction. , přírodní konopná kosmetika, léčivá kosmetika s CBD, konopná mast' , přírodní konopná kosmetika, léčivá kosmetika s CBD, konopná mast-

Only the finest ingredients

In our laboratory you will find only the best ingredients; plant extracts, plant and essential oils, ensuring the highest quality of products. We source many of our plant oils directly from the producer, namely Argan, Sweet Almond and Hemp Oil, where we regularly verify their organic quality. The composition of all products is of high quality, simple, yet maximally effective. Each Cannor bottle contains the strength of nature in herbal ingredients that we prepare by hand with the utmost care



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