Skin Care

Since Cannor is a natural skincare suitable for all ages, we will give you some tips and tricks on how to look after your skin… Apply facial oil with CBD ALWAYS on moistened and cleansed skin. It penetrates into deeper layers of the skin, so you don’t have to worry about oily skin, and you can easily put your favorite makeup on it (which is then perfectly adhered to) or cream. Thanks to the light composition, the skin is not burdensome. It leaves it with a smooth, brightened and glowed up. It can also be used to treat even the most sensitive skin and eye area. The highly regenerative ointment with CBD is ideal as a night “mask”. In the evening apply a larger layer onto the face, neck and decollete, do not forget the eye area, where it is desirable to smooth the fine lines. Cannor salve is ideal for treating various allergies, baby treats, abrasures, dried and cracking skin and many other skin problems… It can be used wherever there is or might be a problem.

For normal skin, use 2x daily skin oil with CBD, either on its own or add to your favorite cream to create a unique serum rich in natural vitamins. Once a week use Cannor Face & Body Scrub . After use, the skin will be perfectly cleaned, softened and prepared for the application of the Cannor facial oil. Use Cannor’s highly regenerative ointment as a night care during winter and summer weather (every time you feel your skin is particularly stressed). For a dry skin with a tendency to peel, we recommend to apply Cannor highly regenerative salve with CBD in a larger amount, in the evening after cleansing the skin . During the night, deep nourishment and skin regeneration takes place. Before applying the salve, you can also use the facial oil, which cleans and regenerates the skin at the same time. In the morning Cannor hemp salve can be applied if you are not using makeup. Otherwise, apply only skin oil with CBD.

For mature skin, use the facia oil with CBD in the morning and in the evening. As a night care, after applying the facial oil with CBD use Cannor Hemp Salve. Do not forget about neck and decollete. Pay special attention to the eye area where Cannor’s natural cosmetics have a significant share of smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.