Why Natural Skincare

Why natural and organic skincare?


Still not sure why to banish harsh chemical cosmetics from your bathroom? Here’s why you should swap to all-natural.

Your skin is the largest organ in your body and absorbs substances like a sponge, delivering them to your internal organs. Clogging and contaminating your skin with harsh chemicals and disrupting the body’s natural balance in time leads to a multitude of problems – both aesthetic and serious. For this reason, respecting our bodies through proper nutrition and feeding the skin with healthful products is a principle that we uphold.


Don’t just “treat” your body, treat it well


The health and appearance of the skin is constantly affected adversely by the environment – may it be wind, humidity, dryness, particulates, free radicals and other pollutants. To make matters worse, the most commonly available cosmetics often contain chemicals such as synthetic preservatives, dyes and perfumes that unnecessarily irritate the skin. Not to mention that their raw materials and resulting products are often tested on animals. Big brands all too often focus on creating “quick-fix” products, temporarily masking imperfections and hiding real problems that resurface in the long run.

The average person will apply up to several hundred different chemicals on their body throughout the day with little care for how they interact with the body. At best, these effects are unknown, at worst, they age, irritate and damage. You don’t need to be an expert to know that crude oil secondary products that aren’t native to your body should be avoided. They are known for blocking pores and for their detrimental effects on the body’s natural wellbeing.

Imagine being stopped at airport security. The chemicals that explosives are made from have been found on your hands. You are confused, after all the only thing on your hands is your hand cream. Sound absurd? This is not a dramatic scene in a movie but a common reality.


Don’t simply mask your skin’s problems, find a lasting solution


Our natural cosmetics help the skin repair and protect itself, improving its quality in the long term. We dedicate ourselves to the highest of standards, meaning you will only ever need a few of our “universal” products, not a bathroom full of wasteful chemical compounds.

Moreover, we don’t strive to be a well kept secret! Manufacturers of quality, purely natural cosmetics, are proud of the ingredients they use and seek to inform their customers as much as possible about them. And rightly so! Brands which use natural resources know that natural materials need to be used with respect – efficiently and effectively. Therefore, in natural cosmetics, there are sought-after combinations of differing herbal ingredients that are beneficial to the skin and are known to satisfy the needs of different skin types. The result is healthy, beautiful and clear skin that ages slowly and gracefully.


Beauty takes time


Beauty isn’t just skin-deep. Here’s why true and lasting beauty takes time


If you’re looking to improve the quality of your skin long-term, all-natural products are a game changer. Take time to adopt these into your daily regiment and soothe life’s hectic pace with CANNOR.

Beauty isn’t skin deep – a glowing complexion comes from within. Treat your body well and it will return the favour. Nourish it with products designed specifically to work in harmony, not against, the body’s natural mechanisms.

The main pillar in our in our “beauty takes time” philosophy is a focus on preventing consequences, not just correcting them. The goal is not a one-time solution but a long-term adjustment of habits and rituals. This includes a careful examination of all skincare ingredients and an understanding of their effects, because significant results can only be achieved through a conscious choice of quality products.

The effects of natural cosmetics may sometimes take a little longer, but trust us, they are well worth it. Not to mention more permanent. The skin’s natural barrier is strengthened, natural oils are balanced, stress is soothed, and problems are avoided before they even begin to appear.

The result? Beauty from the inside out.